People searching for Spanish bargain properties can still find them in places such as Gran Canaria where a two-bedroom village house can be bought from as little as £50,000. Two bedroom apartments in Gran Canaria start from a similar price.

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The most popular residences that we have listed are, as expected, the villas with sea views. These can start from £100,000 and represent excellent value when compared to other Spanish regions.

These prices coupled with a warm year round climate mean that this island has a thriving ex-pat community and there are reasonably priced flights from many airports in the UK to the region, with both summer and winter routes.

The Canaries government have imposed some restrictions on holiday rentals recently. Long term lets are however unaffected and for those people looking for an investment opportunity, whilst short term holiday rentals are lucrative, long lets can be a lot less complicated and there is a good market for this type of rental.

Europeans and UK residents still flock to Gran Canaria for not only the obvious summer months but the mild winter climate.

Buying properties in Gran Canaria is the fulfilment of a life’s dream for some people. With its warm year round climate, easy flight links from the UK and the large ex pat community based there, the purchase of property in the area looks likely to continue well into the future.

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A new study from Arcano, forecasts that the property market in Spain is starting to recover. The report indicates that Spanish banks are now beginning to increase mortgage approvals which is stimulating increased demand from foreign and Spanish property buyers.


Ignacio de la Torre (Ph.D) of Arcano, a leading independent advisory services firm, with a presence in  Europe and the United States summaries the situation:

  1. Financing has arrived much sooner than expected to the property industry in Spain
  2. Prices have reached rock-bottom throughout Spain, and they will rise more than expected in Madrid, Catalonia and the Basque Country.
  3. The reason for this is the high demand from foreigners (a third of the total) and households, which have lightened their balance sheets and thus been able to obtain mortgages.
  4. The development of new houses in areas with low stock is reactivating; building 200,000 new houses (close to historical average) will imply 500,000 new jobs.
  5. The impact of such an acceleration in the economy will very relevant; auxiliary industries will reactivate, tax collection will increase (reducing the deficit), and delinquency will fall, thus improving bank solvency, increasing the granting of loans. These factors will accelerate economic growth.

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The Spanish property boom and its subsequent crash has been among the most spectacular ever witnessed. Since the peak in late 2007, house prices have dropped more than 40%. In comparison, the price of US homes fell by 35% but has climbed to more than 20% since the trough in 2012*. Spain’s depleted market is even more severe when measured in terms of sales and construction. However, there are tentative signs of a bottom forming.

via Property prices in Spain poised to bottom out.

People searching for Spanish bargain properties can still find them in places such as Gran Canaria where a two-bedroom village house can be bought...